Our Congregation of Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary originated in a mountain village in Treppio, Italy. Filomena Rossi and Giovanna Ferrari were the first two women who saw a need to "teach the children of the poor and care for the sick" in 1861. The Foundresses served the Lord and gave honor to our Lady with their lives of service to the most needy in the Church. They were women who were aware of the events of their times. Our Sisters placed all they had in common and shared their gifts and talents with our first Community of Sisters and with the people of Treppio. Our Congregation was approved by Pope Pius X on February 11, 1909. In a short time, other young women joined our Foundresses, and soon the small Congregation of Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary was proclaiming the "Good News" all over Europe, Africa and North America. Today our Sisters continue to maintain a healthy balance between prayer and ministry. In our every day lives we could say that there is unity in our diversity. Our aim is to continue to build good interpersonal relationships, to better serve others with compassion and love.


Prayer is an expression of who we are at the deepest core of our being. On a personal level, we come daily before the Lord in silence to meditate on Sacred Scripture. As a community, we gather to pray the Divine Office along with the Eucharistic Celebration. As a community we continue to nurture our prayer life by having days of Eucharistic Adoration various parts of the world where we are represented. Locally we have days of recollection to refuel and refresh our souls.


An individual who is interested in becoming part of our Congregation begins her journey with us through the initial stages of formation continuing through life. The first phase of initial formation begins by a contact that an individual makes with our community. The second phase consists of the Pre-Novitiate where the individual becomes acquainted with the various aspect of our community life. The third phase continues with two years of Novitiate. The first year is made up of the study of scriptures, our rules, constitutions, including the Vows. The second year of novitiate gives the individual an opportunity to experience the various ministries within our community. Following the second year of novitiate, the individual takes the vows of Obedience, Poverty, and Chastity. After she renews her vows for four years, she is prepared to say her "yes" to God forever by taking final vows.

Marian Center

Hidden away in a serene environment, Marian Center offers a place to renew your spirit, mind, and body. Dedicated to and under the protection of Mary, the Mother of Christ, Marian Center offers a variety of rooms- meditation, dining, and conference, as well as over 20 acres, for spiritual and recreational activities. Whether you come for meditation or recreation, you will find a place of prayer, comfort, and leisure. Marian Center is fostered under the care of the Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary, who have been active members of the Tinley Park community for over 58 years. Originally, the facility that houses the Marian Center was the Villa Santa Maria Pre-School and Kindergarten for over 50 years. As the number of those entering the order diminished, the Mantellate Sisters looked for a new purpose for the building and grounds. After a 2-year renovation project, the Sisters are delighted to share with you their new ministry and invite you to let the calm and beauty of Marian Center draw you in.


As mentioned in our Mission Statement, our apostolate allows us to be of service to the church in the fields of education, healthcare, pastoral work in parishes and working among the youth. Each person that becomes part of our community is asked to share her talents and abilities in a variety of ministries in the church. Today we continue the work that our Foundresses Filomena Rossi and Giovanna Ferrari began in the 1861.